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Chris Calarco is a dedicated yoga student and instructor in Portland, Oregon with deep passion for the transformative power of the practice. His studies are rooted in the Anusara, Iyengar and Vinyasa styles but he honors all lineages and paths. Chris is the owner of The Breathe Building, a commercial construction project in Southeast Portland with an Earth Advantage certification. The Breathe Building is now the home of Rangoon Bistro and Prema Health. 




Chris believes in yoga. This comes across in his passionate, soulful and precise teaching. As a committed student of yoga he is constantly refining his personal practice and teaching. Yoga has been and continues to be a potent and profound path of healing and self understanding for Chris. Amongst the constantly shifting waves of inner and outer change he has relied on the practice for stability. Chris is skilled at making the physical and philosophical practice of yoga relevant to our modern, messy world.


As a long time athlete growing up, Chris rediscovered his connection to physicality when he began practicing yoga in 2005 in Portland. Immediately he experienced an emotional revelation, a reminder of the intensity and exhilaration he once found in sports and dancing across the country at Phish shows. Through four years of work as a children’s psychotherapist he practiced as often as possible. With the seed of an idea to integrate mental and physical health into a professional practice, Chris first trained to teach yoga locally in 2009.


In 2010 Chris experienced a reoccurrence of major depression and stopped practicing both psychotherapy and yoga for nearly nine months before seeking help in residential treatment. He returned to yoga during treatment and has been dedicated to its transformative practices since.



Yoga Training

  • 4000+ hours of yoga training with senior instructors in Anusara, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Inner Body Yoga

  • 1 year apprenticeship w/Sianna Sherman assisting workshops, conferences, trainings

  • 300 hour Alchemy of Flow and Form Teacher Training w/ Christina Sell and Giaconda Parker | The San Marcos School of Yoga | San Marcos, TX

  • 200 hour Anusara Training w/Sianna Sherman and Abby Tucker | San Francisco, CA

  • 200 hour Teacher Training w/Jeanmarie Paolillo | YogaWorks, New York, NY

  • 200 hour Alignment Based Teacher Training | Yoga Union | Portland, OR

  • 200 hour Teacher Training | The Lotus Seed | Portland, OR

  • 2011-present | Continuing Education studies | Todd Jackson | Portland, OR

  • Street Yoga Teacher Training



Integrative Health Coach Professional Training | Duke Integrative Medicine, Durham, NC

MA, Counseling Psychology | Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR

BA, American Studies | Trinity College, Hartford, CT


Select Professional Experience

Living Yoga | Board Member

Morrison Child and Family Services | Child and Family Therapist | Portland, OR

Centennial Learning Center Alternative School | Child and Family Therapist | Portland, OR


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