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Phish improvisation is YOGA!


Phish fans will instantly recognize the state known as “yoga” – it is created on stage and in the atmosphere at the best Phish concerts. Through unparalleled improvisational communication, the band profoundly unifies body, mind and spirit. This is yoga.



Both are spiritual practices within which seekers transcend the small sense of self, awakening the divine heart. Surrender to the Flow classes and workshops explore thematic connections to Bhakti Yoga (devotion), inspiration, peak experiences, and many others. Classes are meant to deepen the understanding of how a life of Phish and Yoga can seamlessly weave together. We crank up the Phish and get down on our mats to the jams and songs that move your hips and your heart.

     I can see the light between me and my mind - “Light” If you would stop and notice how we number every day/But allow the many moments left uncounted slip away/You don’t have to count them/Just enjoy them one by one/Then things would take a different hue and sparkle in the sun/The winds would lift you up into the sky/The winds would lift you up into the skies above/Where you would see a trail of treasured memories you love/A rainbow record of the thoughts and moments you’ve enjoyed/Arcs behind the earth as spectral/Colors in the void – “Scents and Subtle Sounds”

Chris has now trained six teachers in Phish Yoga! 




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