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Yoga Playlist

I'm a Classic Ipod guy. The ones they discontinued, the big 160 GB ones were my favorite. I love having an entire music collection at my disposal and the click wheel was by far the peak of Apple's user friendly inventiveness with digital music players. The new Ipods are so, so bad. The problem with being a Classic Ipod guy is that you have to hang on to them. I literally have lost 6 Classics in the past 6 years. Its pretty unbelievable. In that process I have lost countless playlists that have been at the heart of so many classes I've taught over the years. These days, in part because of the lost Ipods and in part because of natural evolution I have used more ambient, background music in classes without creating and matching sequences with playlists. That being said, here is a playlist that I have been using from time to time - I bought a couple used Classics on Craigslist :)

You'll see repeating artists in this one, creating what I think is a bit more holisitic vibe to the playlist.

"Dusk" - Garth Stevenson

"Flux" - Garth Stevenson

"Lit" - Kiasmos

"Held" - Kiasmos

"Looped" - Kiasmos

"One Zero Two" - Alucidnation

"Wildlife Analysis" - Boards of Canada

"Eagle in Your Mind" - Boards of Canada

"Two Medicine" - Ten and Tracer

"Everything you do is a Balloon" - Boards of Canada

"Fifth Lake and Screams" - Ten and Tracer

"1/1" - Brian Eno

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